A Message from NGMA on COVID-19

To our members, fellow industry partners and friends,

The National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association leadership and staff are committed to support you and our communities. While we should each think of ourselves as leaders in our respective roles in the industry, none of us are experts in COVID-19. It’s difficult to tell anyone how to navigate this unprecedented time in history; and it’s certainly not “business as usual” for anyone!

Above all, we urge all members and industry professionals to make sure you and your team are following the guidance set by public health and safety officials to protect workers, customers and communities from the spread of COVID-19.

Since we can’t meet in person right now, we’ve committed to staying in touch and sharing information with you that could be helpful. We are here to serve you and we hope that you will take advantage of the NGMA network and share information that could be helpful to other members.

Here is helpful information for you and your business.

Stay-up-to-date and comply with local, national and international officials’ directives related to the crisis to keep you, your employees and contractors, clients, families and communities safe.

Take steps that anyone working within your businesses is following social distancing protocols. (maintaining a safe distance of at least six (6) feet from others) as much as practical.

Require sick employees to stay at home; and establish a procedure to follow up.

  • Just as you would investigate a workplace injury, investigate suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, and document your investigation.
  • Communicate with both affected and non-affected employees on the status of the suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case, but do not communicate the name of affected individuals or specific medical diagnoses. Where there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, notify affected employees and encourage them to seek medical attention. If a suspected case tests negative, notify affected employees and encourage them to return to work.

The US Department of Labor provides helpful Q&A’s regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Monitor your work areas for best practices of COVID-19 prevention. Clean and sanitize work area(s) and/or tools (hand and power), as well as reinforce the guidelines for prevention outlined by CDC with others in the workplace and on the jobsite often decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact at the workplace. This article from the CDC provides important and helpful information.

The American Medical Association offers some suggestions on coping and maintaining mental well-being; as well as managing staff during this stressful time.

Consider new ways to conduct business.

  • Meet virtually. For meetings, utilize easy to use (and access) tools like Facetime, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, and What’s App Video. Employ affordable, and sometimes free, file share platforms, like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive and others.
  • Get Social. Communicate with your past, current and perspective customers.
    • Reach out virtually, and let them know the extent you are working.
    • Utilize your email marketing and social media campaigns for your community to get to know you better.
      • Share photos and stories that inspire your customers
      • Highlight new trends, cool projects and collaborative efforts
      • Connect with your community. Tell stories and share information about good work that people and businesses in your community are doing during this trying time
      • Educate your community about your experience, affiliations (like, NGMA) and everything that is special about you and your company

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Stay safe and healthy.